quarta-feira, 4 de junho de 2014

No plans for now.

Actualy i was planing to build a Stella model "Stella? you should be thinking now", yeah, actualy in Black Rock Shooter the game she (the black rock shooter or BRS) is reffered as stella, and after beating the game and unlocking every possible weapon, cloths, mission and battles, i decided to rip the game using my save to create a papercraft based on the game concept of BRS or stella lol. but then, i just realized that my skills at 3D modeling sucks, ALOT, even looking for tutorials and help of other where almost useless, and i lost the desirability to finish the model. why? she where great, in a nice stance, with her sword on the hand building balance for the model as better as i can get, BUT, the feet where unbalanced, like facing somewhere else than the ground. That's why i become so eager to find how to fix that without deforming the model, the result could not be worse, aways deforming, aways having to fix something here and there, and at this poing i does not even find how to compress the textures correctly (Each face was then having a nice 10kbts leght texture, multiply this by 2 thousand faces and we have a 30 megabytes model of useless repetitive textures). well then, i just put that model away and give up for the week. Now i'm at college, learning some arts basics (arts =P), this base can and i think it will give me the sight i needed to make better models, knowing the human body in the paper or how to draw a perfect line and see correctly this line is what i need. then, i leave this post with the image of the model i was working on, so long friends, this is not the end, but the renewal of this paper modelist!
ps : now i see the distortion that edward falcon have, man, look at this, wtf, falcon is beging pushed by unknow forces that streched if foward, oddly.

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