domingo, 7 de julho de 2013

Rin Append Papercraft

that's one model i was working on this week, took me 5 days to assemble it, it's not perfect, but i manage to put my learnings into this, the model is almost clean of any error,  none colisions and it's realy simple to assemble (exept for the face and fingers).

the model was not test builded yet, but so far i don't fell like it will have any problem to assemble.
also it was ripped from the game "Project Diva Extended" PSP title, i have learned how to rip any psp game, the monster hunter project may not be so far now that i know more than when i started this blog.

Acho que não é necessario escrever algo em portugues, bem, Download do arquivo bem acima.

3 comentários:

  1. Is there a BİGGER version?
    It is so small.45 cm version would be amazing!!
    If you do it can you send it to me?