sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2013

Lost Fles.

i had recentely bought a new computer, and some of my files where lost, includind the schematics of my old papercrafts, and one of my works (eduward falcon) where completely lost because rapidtrash deleted the file from the server and also the backup i made for some reason did not copied over the paste i used to save the papercrafts.
the good news are, i have found some new and better prograns to rip games, and my tests with some windows games where totaly great, but emulator.... the program seens to not work at all. with all this work and tests i managed to rip enterely burning rangers team and also a new vyse model, instead of the dreamcast one (but i still want to build the dreamcast one).

i decided to write in english, tough my english is REALY rusty it's better than in portuguese, because 70% or more of my public that visit this site are from USA or english speaking countries.
no photos for now, and no promisses too, i just want to work quietly witout worring about dates and or fame because of a promissed long waited model from any forbid game.

cya my quiet people.

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